2014 Nobel Prize for Physics Draws Attention To Promise And Challenges of Blue Light


Sochi Olympics Lighting

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The opening ceremony started the Olympic games with a Russian-history filled ceremony, a quick parade of nations with an American on crutches, and a stray dog. See pictures from the event here, and scroll down for stories and pictures from the USA TODAY Sports team.

FTW:Opening ceremony featured a malfunctioning ring

FTW:The team USA outfits turned out pretty great

Brennan: Opening ceremony hints at anti-gay law

Rachel Axon: The snowflake malfunctioned. Everything else, though, everything else went as well as Russian president Vladimir Putin surely demanded.

The opening ceremony for the Sochi Olympics showcased the history and traditions of the country. If the Beijing Olympics upped the ante on spectacle, these Games tried to match it with Russian flare. From a moving and quintessentially Russian scene of “War and Peace” performed through ballet to a troika gliding along the roof, the ceremonies were…

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Louis Vuitton Opens Permanent James Turrell Exhibit in Las Vegas


Louis Vuitton has opened an expansive, extraordinary installation by James Turrell—the contemporary artist known for his work with light and its interaction with space—in Las Vegas.

The scale and impact are surprising. Akhob is staged in two colorfully lit chambers to prepare visitors for the sensing space, where they perceive a light-filled void of indeterminate dimension. Access is limited to four guests at time, to allow them to absorb the sensory experience, and visits last about 20 to 25 minutes.


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